Fire Emblem Heroes Cheats Tips

Fire Emblem Heroes sees all its revenue made from Japan. Specializes and excels in fighting lance users because of a combo of Lancebreaker and Emerald Axe. She supplies both +Atk and +Spd fans to adjoining allies. Provides a +ATK air to neighboring allies in combat with Spur Atk Gets +7 speed when under 50% wellbeing because of Defiant Speed.
Can survive a fatal blow, making her considerably more lasting compared to other healers. Extremely delicate to physical damage due to her combination of low health and protection. hack allows him to attack without retaliation, but just against reduced non-dragon units.
Suffers from low Speed, making it unlikely that Alfonse will ever have the ability to doubleattack. Can displace enemies she attacks with Drag Back , giving better positioning for follow up attacks. Outstanding service unit with powerful buffs and debuffs. Ideal for softening up goals and having allies followup.
Suffers from quite bad speed and very low assault when her particular is not up, making it difficult for her to succeed. She also has high withstand, which makes her effective against both prizes and mages alike. Has high particular attack uptime as a result of her Killer Axe.

She is very bulky against physical harm thanks to her incredibly large defense stat. Benefits +4 Spd when assaulting due to his own weapon Yato. Rogue Dagger enables him steal 5 Def/Res from an enemy after assaulting. Synergizes extremely well with other fliers by granting them +6 Atk/Spd when adjacent to her due for her Hone Fliers.

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